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Ham Radio Satellite Tracking, Logging and DX Software

for the Mac, iPhone and iPad

Macintosh Amateur Radio Software

iPhone CallBook
MacLoggerDX HD

Mac Ham Radio Software Products...

"Some of the best Ham Radio software available for the Mac - or any other platform for that matter."

Since 1991 Dog Park Software Ltd. has been committed to providing the Amateur Radio community with the very best in Amateur Radio Software so that Hams using the Macintosh and iPhone platforms around the world can enjoy the same computer-radio interraction and enhancement that PC Hams take for granted - but with the added flexibility, security, user friendliness and stability that Macintosh users are accustomed to.

Version 5.62
MacLoggerDX HD for iPad
Version 1.21
MacLoggerDX Carbon
Version 4.3.9
Version 2.17
Version 3.5
iSpectrum Analyzer
Version 2.10
Version 1.08

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