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Mac Ham Radio USB/Serial Adapters, Rotator Controllers...


Dog Park Software Ltd. does not sell, support or recommend any hardware but here are some of the devices our customers are using. Note: if a manufacturer doesn't advertise Mac support on their web site - they probably won't support the device when you have a problem.


USB/Serial adapters


Keyspan/TrippLite MacOS X Drivers

SiLabs USB/UART Driver

Prolific USB/UART Driver

RT Systems USB/UART Driver

Yaesu USB CT-62 CAT Cable

Black Cat Systems CI-V Icom Interface

Rotor Controllers


Rotor Enhancements - Idiom Press
LVB Tracker
Yaesu G-5500
Easy Rotor Control
Green Heron

VOX, Keyers etc.


Sabrent FTDI based Adapter Amazon.com

FTDI Driver