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Ham Radio Satellite Tracking Software for the Mac

Download v2.24

Download v2.25b21

Older Versions


MacDoppler must be registered to work beyond the 15 minute time limit. (You can run the 15 minute demo as many times as you like). We encourage you to download the free demo and make sure that it meets your requirements before you register since we cannot issue refunds.

Single User License, electronic download $98.00 USD.

Please enter your call sign:

If you have an Amateur Radio call sign, please enter it above. Your registration will be emailed to you the same day.

AMSAT Members can register MacDoppler at a discount. Contact Martha at AMSAT for details or visit the AMSAT Store.

The Mac Ham Satellite tracker since 1997...

MacDoppler will provide any level of station automation you need from assisted Doppler Tuning and Antenna Pointing right on up to fully automated Satellite Gateway operation.

MacDoppler is used around the world by Amateur Radio operators, satellite spotters, educators and commercial customers from CBS News to the International Space Station Amateur Radio Hardware Management program, Delta Telemetry Tracking and Control at Boeing Integrated Defense Systems, Florida State University, and the CalPoly CubeSat Project.

"If you own a Mac and do Satellite Tracking this is THE program you need to get" - Werner Vavken (WB6RAW)

Satellite Radios Supported...

Non-Satellite Radios (limited support)

Note: A full duplex satellite radio like the TS-2000, FT-847, IC-910 or IC-9100 is recommended to take full advantage of MacDoppler's capabilities. While a full duplex radio is required to hear your own downlink, a non-satellite radio can be used to monitor the satellite.

Rotor Controllers Supported...