WSJT-X Audio with dogparkSDR, Loopback

Create a default Virtual Device (Loopback Audio) in the Loopback application.

It is useful but not necessary to create a Monitor in Loopback so that you can hear what is passing through it.


If you have a problem with transmit (no reading in the dogparkSDR Audio prefs Mic and Peak meters)
or you update the Loopback app, you may need to delete and recreate a New Virtual Device or use Audio Midi Setup to change the Loopback Audio Device Format popup sample rate.

Select Loopback Audio for input and output in the dogparkSDR Audio prefs.


Enable Mac Audio, set the Microphone Selection popup to PC and turn off TX DAX in the dogparkSDR Radio prefs, select None for DAX in the Slice prefs.


Select Loopback Audio for input and output  in WSJT-X Audio prefs.