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Macintosh Amateur Radio Satellite Tracking Software

Check out MacDoppler for Cocoa !

MacDoppler for Cocoa has replaced MacDopplerPRO and Lite. MacDopplerPRO and Lite v2.9.3 will still be available and bugs fixed but no new features will be added.

MacDopplerPRO X (discontinued)

MacDopplerPRO gives you a seat right in the heart of the Operations & Command Centre for every satellite in orbit. In fact up to thirty two front row seats at the same time. MacDopplerPRO will provide any level of station automation you need from assisted Doppler Tuning and Antenna Pointing right on up to fully automated Satellite Gateway !
"Just wanted to say "thanks" for a great piece of software! I'm a space reporter at the Kennedy Space Center. I was using other tracking programs to keep up with shuttle missions, ISS passes, etc. But MacDopplerPRO is the answer to my prayers. As I write this note I'm covering a spacewalk on the ISS. I've got MacDopplerPRO running on a spare computer showing me where the EVA guys are at every moment and when HST might be visible here locally... MacDopplerPRO is just a terrific piece of software as is and I bought it after playing with the demo for about five minutes. Keep up the good work! And please add the Kennedy Space Center to your locations.dat file next time you update!

William Harwood........CBS News
"We were successful in setting up the ISS packet module this morning as it passed over the U.S. I was using MacDopplerPRO to control both the antennas and the radio. I was running Communicate Lite at the same time to operate the Packet system. What a smooth operation it was! I acquired the ISS as it came over the horizon just as predicted by MacDopplerPRO. The frequencies both up and down were controlled with no intervention on my part. All I had to do was focus on the packet activities. Thanks to you for writing such a great program. All the others on the team were envious of the way MacDopplerPRO made it so easy. My advice to them was "Get a Mac"".

W5DID Louis W. McFadin ISS-HAM Hardware Manager

  • Runs under OS X or OS 9 & CarbonLib v1.6.
  • Full 3D projection model of earth...
    • Realistic Solar & Lunar lighting mode.
    • Ability to 'spin' the camera position about the earth.
    • Time Deformation mouse control.
    • View the earth from above site location or above Satellite.
  • Ground Track shows path of from 0.5 to 10 upcoming orbits.
  • Track up to 32 Satellites simultaneously
  • Full Station Automation - automatic switch between U/V and V/U.
  • Automated downloading and update of keplerian elements.
  • Multi-Threaded for concurrent Tracking & Predictions.
  • Quick location changes: can store up to 255 locations.
  • Track List sorted in real-time order of next pass.
  • High Resolution Maps from "The Living Earth, Inc."
  • Mutual Coverage Predictions for 2 locations.
  • Full predictive dead spot crossing so that a pass is never interrupted by the beam heading passing a dead spot.
  • Speech advisory of next satellite AOS and Maximum Elevation.
  • Track "Sets" for quick loading of the Track List.
  • Automatic Grid Square Locator calculation.
  • QSO Logging integrated with MacLoggerDX and ARRL LOTW.
  • QRZ Internet, and CD-ROM Call Sign Lookup.
  • Horizon Window shows upcoming passes on a time line.
  • Tuning Dial Tracking allows you to tune the downlink from your radio’s front panel while MacDopplerPRO X automatically adjusts the uplink.

What's New in Version 2.9.3 ? 11-October-2005
  • Set Label Text size in Site Dialog.
  • Added Time to Satellite Sunrise/Sunset.
  • Improved 2D Map resolution.
  • Escape key cancels full screen mode.
  • Tracked Satellites 3D Labels bug fixed.

Radios Supported...
  • YAESU FT-736R, FT-847
  • YAESU FT-817
  • ICOM IC-275/IC-475
  • ICOM IC-970, IC-820, IC-821H, IC-910
  • ICOM IC-R7000, IC-R8500, and IC-PCR1000 Receivers
  • Kenwood TS-790A, TS-2000
  • Kenwood TS-50
  • AOR AR-3000A Receiver
A full duplex satellite radio like the TS-2000, FT-847 or IC-910 is recommended.

Rotor Controllers Supported...

  • Yaesu G-5400B / G-5500 / GS-232
  • KLM/Mirage, SARtek, hy-gain DCU-1 Pathfinder
  • Endeavour AutoTracker
  • EasyCom
  • SatEL
  • AlphaSpid RAS

  • Mac OS 9 with CarbonLib v1.6 or Mac OS X.

Screen Shots...

MacDopplerPRO (discontinued)

Download MacDopplerPRO X v2.9.3
(Mac OS X & OS 9)

Download MacDopplerPRO v1.8.7 (Mac OS 8-9 Only)

MacDoppler Lite (discontinued)

Download MacDoppler_Lite v2.9.3
(Mac OS X & OS 9)

All the great features of MacDopplerPRO but without the radio or rotor control and at half the price !